March 2021

Dear Friends,

There are times in our lives when we look around and wonder, “Is this all there is?” Sometimes it’s a passing question, at other times it lingers. We look at our life, our circumstances, and we want more. Is that how it feels right now? A restlessness, a desire for something more, something different. We often look at our circumstances as a picture. If it’s pretty, pleasing, and shows us what we want to see then God is good and life is as it should be. When we don’t see what we want we look for a new picture. The restless searching, the longing for more, the desire for meaning aren’t, however, usually answered by changed circumstances. Although they may help. It’s not about the circumstances of life. It’s about us. The answer is found within. 

We don’t need to see new things. We need to see the same old things with new eyes. We don’t need to hear a different voice. We need to hear the same old voice with different ears. We don’t need to escape the circumstances of our life. We need to be more fully present to those circumstances. These are the transfiguring moments when the picture of our life becomes a window into a new world, new opportunities.

Most of us, I think, seek God in the circumstances of life. We want God to show up, be present, change something, make it better. But then there’s the God beyond the circumstances. Jesus - God with us - who walks beside us and at times often carries us. Here the pictures of life’s circumstances become windows, by which we move into the depths of God’s life, light, and love. Windows through which we step into a new world, a new way of seeing, hearing, and being. (Read Mark 9:2-9) Peter, James, and John suddenly see Jesus as he had always been. Not just a man they followed who did miracles, told powerful stories and about whom people talked, but Jesus the divine Son of God. God who is beyond the man and the circumstances. Jesus - God incarnate - God with us. But this change, or transfiguration, is as much about them as it is Jesus. 

Whenever our picture of life’s circumstances become a window into new life we are transfigured. The view carries us, its spectacular - it lifts us. We don’t have to climb mountains to get that. Circumstances haven’t changed, we have and that seems to change everything. We all have times when we see life with new eyes, hear with different ears, and discover a window into another world and another way of being. Faith is one of those moments. Faith is a mystery we seem to spend all our time trying to explain, but there’s part of all that, that should and must remain a mystery. Part of faith is believing in the inexplicable, in marvelling at the mystery. Faith is not just believing it’s knowing. Transfiguring moments change, sustain, prepare, encourage and guide us into the future regardless of the circumstances we face. Every picture of life is an open window that says, “No, this is not all there is.” Open that window and be transfigured!

God Bless you,



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